A Golden Christmas

Recently the officers of Shows, Dearman & Waits hosted a Christmas party for all the firm’s employees and their spouses at Hattiesburg Country Club. The Country Club was decked out in festive greenery and golden reindeer for the occasion and served an excellent meal to the attendees.

The golden decorations served a dual purpose, however, as SDW’s president Shea McNease took the opportunity to honor survey party chief Mark Sanders for 50 years of service to the company. Mark’s golden anniversary with Shows, Dearman & Waits was celebrated in style and with his wife and children in attendance.

Hattiesburg Country Club provided a beautiful backdrop for the special SDW event.
Shea McNease elicited plenty of laughter and a few tears as he honored Mark’s 50 years of service.

The special presentation included pictures of Mark and his family throughout the years, as well as notable SDW projects he worked on as a surveyor during the decades of his employ, along with a timeline of important moments in history to lend context to the impressive span of time covered during Mr. Sanders’ dedication to the company.

Mark was able to enjoy the evening’s festivities with his wife Valerie and their children, Jessica and Larkin.

As a final expression of thanks, the presentation ended when Shea McNease presented Mark Sanders with a custom engraved knife made by local bladesmith Beaux Recatto. Mr. Sanders gave a brief speech expressing his gratitude for his family, God’s grace, and a company that cares so deeply for their employees.

Mark shows off his custom knife.
Mark expressed thanks for God’s blessings, his family, and a company which earned his loyal employ for 50 years.

Shows, Dearman & Waits is more than just an engineering firm; it is a family. From our family to yours, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!