Meet the Vice-President: Kyle D. Wallace, P.E.

Kyle Wallace has been a resident of Seminary, MS for approximately 2 years. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Kyle has worked with Shows, Dearman and Waits for 24 years and is currently one of the firm’s professional engineers and an SDW Vice-President. Kyle’s specialties as a professional civil engineer are in the Military and Aeronautical fields.

Kyle D. Wallace, Vice-President

Q&A With the Vice-President

What made you choose this career?

Kyle: “My father was a civil engineer, and I tagged along with him while I was growing up. I enjoyed the construction aspect of the engineering field by watching ideas come to reality. As such, my career started at a young age working on a survey crew during high school. College breaks involved working as a construction inspector, construction laborer, and computer intern in a construction trade organization.”

What are some of the professional accomplishments that you are most proud of?

Kyle: “The main accomplishment for me was the securing of a professional engineer license. Once you complete the required courses in an accredited engineering program at a university, several steps remain. You must first pass a test to become an Engineering Intern. This is a general knowledge 8-hour test to ensure you have retained classwork from college. After completion of 4 years of apprenticeship under a licensed professional engineer, you are eligible to take the Professional Engineer Licensure Test. This 8-hour test is based on your working knowledge of the field in which you practice. After 16 years of school, four years of apprenticeship, and many tests, you enter the elite world of Professional Engineering.”

What are your core values and how do they affect how you do your job?

Kyle: “From an early age I was taught to work hard and always be on time or early. I was never the most academically astute student, but I worked hard and was present at class. After college, I always tried to outwork my fellow workers because my parents instilled in me a great work ethic. As I have continued in my engineering career since my 1990 graduation from college, a hard work ethic has allowed me to excel in the consulting engineering profession.”

Let’s get personal. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Kyle: “I have always loved the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, fishing, sporting events, or even mowing grass – and I have a lot of grass – I always love the outdoors.”