Discharge from a Tank

Discharge from a Tank

Input Data:

Discharge Coeff. =
Hole area = sq. ft.
Head on Tank = ft
Contraction Coeff. =
y Position = ft
x Position = ft

Velocity Coeff. =
Discharge = cfs
                     = gpm
Initial Velocity = ft/s
Head Loss = ft
x Position = ft
y Position = ft

Orifice Coefficients for Water

short tube (fluid seperates from walls0.611.000.61
short tube (no seperation)0.821.000.82
short tube with rounded entrance0.970.990.98
reentrant tube, length is less than one-half of pipe diameter0.540.550.99
reentrant tube, length 2 to 3 pipe diameters0.721.000.72
smooth, well tapered nozzle0.980.990.99