Hattiesburg Cleanup

SDW has been retained by the City of Hattiesburg to monitor removal of vegetative materials and Construction and Demolition debris.  These services include providing monitors to ensure trucks are loaded properly and the material is delivered to a final disposal site.  All items are meticulously detailed with written, pictorial and computer generated data.  All data will be provided to substantiate FEMA regulations to ensure reimbursement.

These services were also provided in this detail and more during the recovery process after Hurricane Katrina.  In addition to aiding the Cities of Hattiesburg and Petal, we provided these services to the Cities of Collins and Seminary.

We are proud to provide these disaster services to our local communities and clients.  With our presence in south Mississippi for 50 years, the communities can rest assured that we are providing a dependable service for the disaster and for the future audits as required by MEMA and FEMA.