News and Projects

Building Up the Future at SDW

Recently, the Young Professionals at Shows, Dearman & Waits spent an afternoon together with Senior Engineer Kyle Wallace while continuing to build the stability of the SDW team.  After eating at an icon of the Hattiesburg community (Rose’s BBQ), they spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby learning more of the impact of the men and women from Mississippi in the military.  They completed the day with dinner at Bourbon on Front

SDW is proud to have Lou Thomas, P.E., Weston Locastro, P.E., Grace Mauberret, E.I. and Griffin Moore, E.I. on the team!

Left to right: Grace Mauberret, Lou Thomas, Weston Locastro, and Griffin Moore

Mississippi Engineers Week Proclamation

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Mississippi members recently hosted an engineering exhibit and met with lawmakers at the Mississippi State Capitol Building to celebrate National Engineers Week.

Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951, Engineers Week is “dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce.” To celebrate National Engineers Week 2024, ACEC/MS announced that Governor Reeves issued a proclamation honoring Mississippi’s engineers.

Representing Shows, Dearman & Waits in Jackson next to Governor Reeves at the official signing of the Mississippi Engineers Week Proclamation was Kyle Wallace, P.E. along with fellow members of ACEC/MS.

Pictured left to right (standing): Wayne Black, Craig Carter, Darrell Martinek, Brian Deschamp, and Kyle Wallace. Members of ACEC/MS witnessed as Governor Tate Reeves signed the official proclamation.

Keeping it Real with the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art

In Fall of 2023, the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art put out a call for artists to submit their designs for a new mural themed “Hattiesburg in Realism.” Shows, Dearman and Waits, Inc. is honored to be the site for this new art mural in the Hub City.

The mural needed to be approximately 13 feet high by 42 feet wide and visible from the roundabout on Hardy St. and 2nd Avenue near the offices of Shows, Dearman and Waits, Inc.

Artists from all over the country submitted designs, but Sumer West, a student at William Carey University, was selected as the artist who would depict Hattiesburg’s past, present, and future in realism. She began her work in earnest in December of 2023.

The approximately 546 square foot art mural in progress.

Despite severe weather with the threat of tornados and days of extreme cold temperatures, Sumer managed to finish the mural, named “Hattiesburg Horizons,” within a month. The grand reveal and ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on site at SDW on January 23, 2024, as “Hattiesburg Horizons” officially became the city’s 50th mural.

“Hattiesburg Horizons” becomes the Hub City’s 50th mural.

Hattiesburg’s rich history is represented in the mural, from depictions of the native Choctaw to William Hardy shown surveying the area he would found and develop into the bustling hub we enjoy now.

As SDW President Shea McNease said at the reveal, “We want the mural to be a source of not only learning about the history of this place, but as a way to inspire people to look toward the future.” Mayor Toby Barker, speaking about the challenges of realizing a vision of diversity in art and representation and the dream of becoming a city of 100 murals stated, “It’s not just about getting to 100 murals; it’s about creating joy.”

SDW President Shea McNease talks about Hattiesburg’s rich history and progressive potential.

“Our reasons for partnering on the mural are at the core of who SDW, Inc is as a local business,” states Shea. “We have existed in Hattiesburg for 61 years and have seen the city and the Pine Belt progress over those years. Our goal is to help all the communities which we are blessed to work in to progress positively. Not only in terms of the public infrastructure, but in all aspects of the community. As engineers we don’t get to work in the arts very often. We see this as a way to merge those two things together. This mural is a way to honor Hattiesburg’s past. It also gives a nod to the progressive mindset that has always moved Hattiesburg forward and that will project it into the future.”

“Thank you for this opportunity, Hattiesburg, for allowing me to be a part of and allowing me to leave my permanent mark in the city,” expressed an emotional Sumer West just before she proudly cut the ribbon with her daughter in front of the art exhibit bearing her name and celebrating the city’s history and the exciting developments on Hattiesburg’s horizon.

Sumer shares her proud moment with family, friends, and city officials.

Paving the Way for the Future at Poplarville-Pearl River County Airport

Construction commences at the Poplarville-Pearl River County Airport with the extension of the Runway Safety Area on the south end. 

Walters Construction Company hard at work.

Construction will continue with the realignment of the ramp to runway taxiway and then a mill and overlay of the entire project.  SDW has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration for several years to secure funding for this large project undertaken by this local General Aviation Airport. 

Walters Construction Company, located in Laurel, MS, was awarded this $2.3 million dollar project which is expected to be completed in late Spring of 2024.

Waynesboro Airport Improvements Take Off

Improvements at the Waynesboro Municipal Airport commence with assistance from the team at SDW.

Work continues apace to improve the Waynesboro Municipal Airport.

This AIP funded project through the Federal Aviation Administration, Mississippi Department of Transportation, and the City of Waynesboro will continue to improve the facilities at the local airfield. Dunn Roadbuilders was contracted to perform the $486,000 project and is expected to complete the project by the end of 2023.

Making A Splash in Petal

On February 7, 2023, the City of Petal’s Board of Aldermen voted to accept a bid from T.L. Wallace Construction for a new Splash Pad to be constructed at the Robert E. Russell Sports Complex in Petal.

Construction on the Splash Pad is set to begin in the summer of 2023.

This project is one of several where Shows, Dearman and Waits is partnering with the City of Petal to upgrade parks and recreational facilities for the citizens of The Friendly City.

The Splash Pad will also feature shaded areas with tables.
Plans include multiple areas of water fun with sprayers, jets, and buckets.

Engineers At Work

The Engineers of SDW were hard at work at a recent “Engineer’s Meeting,” which is held on a bi-weekly schedule to discuss all projects under the auspices of Shows, Dearman & Waits.  The progression of each project is followed from Proposal to Surveying, Drafting, Design, Construction and Closeout and is followed closely by the engineering staff.

SDW Professional Engineers, Engineering Interns, and Graduate Engineers gather bi-weekly to discuss the status of all projects.

Christmas 2022

Shows, Dearman and Waits hosted a Christmas party at Hattiesburg Country Club for all of the firm’s employees and spouses on December 9, 2022. SDW’s President Shea McNease took the opportunity to recognize our SDW employees for their dedication, with careers at Shows, Dearman and Waits ranging from five to forty years of employment.

Skylar Simmons – 5 Years of Drafting
JB Cirino – 5 Years Survey Team
Steve Tingle – 40 Years as an Inspector

Lawayne Smith (not pictured) was recognized for serving thirty years as a Drafter at SDW.

Mid-Town Water and Sewer Upgrades

The City of Hattiesburg retained Shows Dearman and Waits to provide professional engineering services for the rehabilitation of water and sanitary sewer in the Mid-Town area. The SDW team planned for a 12-inch gravity sewer along Arlington Loop to provide service to existing businesses and residential customers including the new Jones Companies Facility.

During construction, a previously abandoned septic tank was discovered in the middle of Arlington Loop. Grady Crawford Construction provided the experience to remove the concrete structure and allow gravity line construction to continue.

Grady Crawford Construction hard at work to provide sanitary sewer to the Mid-Town area at Arlington Loop

Achievement Unlocked

Weston Locastro graduated from Mississippi College in 2016 and the University of Mississippi in 2018. It was in 2018 that Mr. Locastro came to SDW as a Graduate Engineer and has since assisted on many SDW projects as an Engineer Intern. In September 2022, Weston passed his P.E. exam to join the ranks of Professional Engineers at Shows, Dearman & Waits!

A very proud SDW Family celebrated Weston’s achievement with cannolis and cake, and an additional “Toot your own Cream Horn” for the newly minted P.E.

Enjoy your success, Weston!

Weston got to enjoy some cannolis from Jody’s Bakery and a strawberry cake from Shady Acres to celebrate his achievement.
We cannoli imagine how bright his future will be.

Engineering Excellence

The Southeast Area Chapter of the Mississippi Engineering Society held a luncheon at the Hattiesburg Country Club on May 19, 2022 where they approved new members and presented awards.

Then-president of the chapter, SDW engineer Lou Thomas, received the Past President’s Award for his service to the Mississippi Engineering Society’s Southeast Area Chapter. Mr. Thomas also had the pleasure of presenting SDW’s own President Shea McNease with the Engineer of the Year Award.

When asked about the presentation, Lou responded, “It was an honor to present the Engineer of the Year award to Shea in my last meeting as president of MES’s Southeast Chapter. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to finish out the year.”

Here’s to many more years of Engineering Excellence at Shows, Dearman & Waits!

SDW’s President Shea E. McNease, P.E. is awarded Engineer of the Year.

Meet the Vice-President: Kyle D. Wallace, P.E.

Kyle Wallace has been a resident of Seminary, MS for approximately 2 years. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Kyle has worked with Shows, Dearman and Waits for 24 years and is currently one of the firm’s professional engineers and an SDW Vice-President. Kyle’s specialties as a professional civil engineer are in the Military and Aeronautical fields.

Kyle D. Wallace, Vice-President

Q&A With the Vice-President

What made you choose this career?

Kyle: “My father was a civil engineer, and I tagged along with him while I was growing up. I enjoyed the construction aspect of the engineering field by watching ideas come to reality. As such, my career started at a young age working on a survey crew during high school. College breaks involved working as a construction inspector, construction laborer, and computer intern in a construction trade organization.”

What are some of the professional accomplishments that you are most proud of?

Kyle: “The main accomplishment for me was the securing of a professional engineer license. Once you complete the required courses in an accredited engineering program at a university, several steps remain. You must first pass a test to become an Engineering Intern. This is a general knowledge 8-hour test to ensure you have retained classwork from college. After completion of 4 years of apprenticeship under a licensed professional engineer, you are eligible to take the Professional Engineer Licensure Test. This 8-hour test is based on your working knowledge of the field in which you practice. After 16 years of school, four years of apprenticeship, and many tests, you enter the elite world of Professional Engineering.”

What are your core values and how do they affect how you do your job?

Kyle: “From an early age I was taught to work hard and always be on time or early. I was never the most academically astute student, but I worked hard and was present at class. After college, I always tried to outwork my fellow workers because my parents instilled in me a great work ethic. As I have continued in my engineering career since my 1990 graduation from college, a hard work ethic has allowed me to excel in the consulting engineering profession.”

Let’s get personal. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Kyle: “I have always loved the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, fishing, sporting events, or even mowing grass – and I have a lot of grass – I always love the outdoors.”

Meet the Vice-President: John T. Weeks, P.E.

John Weeks has resided in the Hattiesburg area since 1982. A graduate of Mississippi State University, John has worked with Shows, Dearman and Waits off and on for 22 years and is currently one of the firm’s professional engineers and SDW’s Managing Partner. John says his specialty is “surrounding myself with a good team.”

John T. Weeks, P.E., Vice-President and Managing Partner

Q&A With the Vice-President

What made you choose this career?

John: “I have always enjoyed understanding how things work.”

What are some of the professional accomplishments that you are most proud of?

John: “Becoming a licensed professional and encouraging and mentoring people in our field.”

What are your core values and how do they affect how you do your job?

John: “I feel led to use my God-given talents to better the environment in which we live, whether through an engineered design or simply picking up litter or offering a compliment to a stranger, I always strive to leave the situation better than I found it.”

Let’s get personal. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

John: “I enjoy the outdoors. Whether improving the landscape at our family land or spending an afternoon fishing with my wife and son, I simply love being outdoors and accomplishing tasks.”

Meet the President: Shea E. McNease, P.E.

Shea McNease has resided in the Hattiesburg area for eighteen years. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Shea has been employed with Shows, Dearman and Waits throughout his 18 years of residence in the hub city and is the current president of SDW.

Shea E. McNease, P.E., President

Q&A With the President

What made you choose this career?

Shea: “My initial attraction was a love for construction. As I began to learn more about the field, I developed a love for the way civil engineers impact communities in both subtle and very noticeable ways. Though unseen many times, our profession helps make community and civilization possible.”

What are some of the professional accomplishments that you are most proud of?

Shea: “Obtaining my professional engineering license, being invited to partnership in SDW, and helping to carry on the legacy of an almost 60-year-old company for the last 15 years.”

What are your core values and how do they affect how you do your job?

Shea: “I was given a deep sense of family and community in my upbringing. Generally, I wake up each day with the goal of bettering the communities that I am invited to work in and hopefully creating better lives for the families who call them home.”

Let’s get personal. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Shea: “I am passionate about hunting and fishing, but do not get to do either as much as I would like. Most of my time outside of work is spent in youth rodeo, youth football, or with other sports involving my kids.”

It would be impossible to say we have fully introduced you to our President, Shea McNease, without sharing his words which have been permanently affixed to the walls of Shows, Dearman and Waits. Shea’s words, which have become the touchstone of the company, read as follows:

The Ideal

The term “civil” alludes to connectivity. In our business, we work with the connections of infrastructure: whether it be roads, sidewalks, bridges, pipe networks, or drain ways. These are all physical connections that provide for community, or “civil”-ization. The word “civil” also alludes to communal or human connections; that is, the connection between communities or human beings – how we treat each other, and how we view ourselves in the context of a community. It’s how we participate in something bigger than ourselves. When we seek to fulfill both of these definitions of the word civil, it requires our profession to seek a higher calling.

The External Reality

What we face as we seek to answer to that higher calling is, we confront a progressing world. It is a world that is advancing and ever changing; yet, also a world of finite resources, opposing stakeholder interests, financial limitations, and competing economic pressure that demands civic leadership beyond the skills learned in engineering school.

The Positioning

While we see this as a picture of what we face today, it’s also a picture of what our founding partners saw many years ago; and it’s why they built and instilled in SD-W the willingness to accept the civic leadership mantle required of a citizen engineer. It’s a mantle characterized by team-building, consensus-management, listening, communicating, and shaping the vision of the communities and clients with which we work. From this new and expanded position, they established in us a promise to deliver on a combination of technical, economic, social, and environmental values. It’s a promise of new economic opportunity, strong environmental stewardship, and significant social benefits. A promise to develop a world in which progress is defined by the increased quality of life, welfare, and safety of the public, and it’s a promise to see that progress realized through the professional contributions we make.

The Bar

The mantra that this clarifies for us – that we strive to live out every day – is to Be The Bar. Not to achieve the bar. Not just to set the bar. But to every day be that bar. Be that standard.

When we do that, we answer the higher calling, and when we answer the higher calling, we’re not just engineering projects, we’re Engineering Progress!

Shea McNease, P.E., President

A Golden Christmas

Recently the officers of Shows, Dearman & Waits hosted a Christmas party for all the firm’s employees and their spouses at Hattiesburg Country Club. The Country Club was decked out in festive greenery and golden reindeer for the occasion and served an excellent meal to the attendees.

The golden decorations served a dual purpose, however, as SDW’s president Shea McNease took the opportunity to honor survey party chief Mark Sanders for 50 years of service to the company. Mark’s golden anniversary with Shows, Dearman & Waits was celebrated in style and with his wife and children in attendance.

Hattiesburg Country Club provided a beautiful backdrop for the special SDW event.
Shea McNease elicited plenty of laughter and a few tears as he honored Mark’s 50 years of service.

The special presentation included pictures of Mark and his family throughout the years, as well as notable SDW projects he worked on as a surveyor during the decades of his employ, along with a timeline of important moments in history to lend context to the impressive span of time covered during Mr. Sanders’ dedication to the company.

Mark was able to enjoy the evening’s festivities with his wife Valerie and their children, Jessica and Larkin.

As a final expression of thanks, the presentation ended when Shea McNease presented Mark Sanders with a custom engraved knife made by local bladesmith Beaux Recatto. Mr. Sanders gave a brief speech expressing his gratitude for his family, God’s grace, and a company that cares so deeply for their employees.

Mark shows off his custom knife.
Mark expressed thanks for God’s blessings, his family, and a company which earned his loyal employ for 50 years.

Shows, Dearman & Waits is more than just an engineering firm; it is a family. From our family to yours, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Redesign and Reconstruction of Country Club Road

Shows, Dearman & Waits’ professional engineering services were recently retained by the City of Hattiesburg in order to develop plans for the reconstruction of Country Club Road from Memorial Drive to J.C. Killingsworth Drive.

The roadway construction project consists of paving 2 twelve-foot travel lanes, an 8-foot sidewalk along the entire length of the East side of the roadway, installment of 5,116 feet of drainage pipe, and inclusion of an elevated cross walk at Everett Street and Graham Avenue.

The roadway redesign benefits both drivers and pedestrians.

The $1.9 million project was awarded to R&J Construction of Laurel, MS and is being funded primarily by the Mississippi Department of Transportation. Work is set to begin January 3, 2022 and it is estimated that it will take approximately one year for completion.

Safety Improvements for HLRA

The Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport Authority recently retained the professional engineering services of Shows, Dearman & Waits to address safety issues relating to the Runway Safety Area (RSA) on each end of the 6,500 foot asphalt runway. 

Safety improvements include a new emergency access road.

SDW developed a plan to relocate an emergency access road outside the RSA.  Walker Construction from Wiggins was awarded the $1.1 million contract and is expected to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Sweet Success

Lou Thomas graduated from Mississippi State University in 2015, and became a part of SDW in 2016 as an engineer in training. Recently, Lou passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam to join the ranks of Professional Engineers!

To celebrate Lou’s accomplishments, SDW hosted a pie and donuts breakfast with some of Lou’s favorites including cheesecake, key lime, and jelly donuts.

Your SDW family is very proud of you, Lou! Take some time to savor your success.

Lou peruses the offerings.
Victory is sweet! Good job, Lou!

Excellence in Engineering and Military Training

Accepting the Honor Award for the Mississippi Military Department is Karen Brewer, Project Manager, with Weston Locastro of SDW presenting.

Shows, Dearman and Waits submitted the Obstacle Course Project to the American Council of Engineering Companies for the Engineering Excellence Awards. The Mississippi Military Department recently completed the project with the SDW team lead by Kyle Wallace and Weston Locastro.

The Obstacle Course Project was developed to aid in training of military personnel. The physical fitness course was constructed at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center and has hosted National Guard competitions from across the country/world.

Improvements to the Longleaf Trace

Formerly Mississippi Central Railroad

Shows, Dearman & Waits was pleased to assist the Pearl & Leaf Rivers Rails to Trails Recreational District with repairs to the wooden railroad trestles (bridges) from the previous Mississippi Central Railroad.  The deterioration of the wooden piling and caps had reduced the carrying capacity of the bridges and limited the use.  The project replaced piling, caps and girders and provides a safe route for pedestrians, cyclists and others to use the Longleaf Trace.

2021 Mississippi Municipal League Annual Conference

Shows, Dearman & Waits, Inc. was pleased to be a part of the recent Mississippi Municipal League Annual Convention held July 26-28, 2021 in Biloxi, MS.

Weston wows at the SDW presentation during MML 2021.

“MML 2021 was a fantastic experience.  It felt good to be back in a social setting with our clients, show new team members the ropes, and see old friends we missed in 2020.  We’re looking forward to MML 2022!” ~ Lou Thomas, E.I.

Recent Luncheon With Former Team Member

A recent luncheon with one of our former team members.  Leon Sharp retired from SDW  several years ago.  Leon’s wit and dedication were a great asset to our Firm.  Continued best wishes in retirement to Leon.

Congratulations Alaina!!

  • Congratulations to Alaina Anderson!!  SDW Staff celebrate with Alaina at a surprise lunch in her honor.  She Graduates tomorrow from the University of Southern Mississippi after many years of hard work.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

From our family to yours.

SDW helps with Bridge Replacement

Shows, Dearman and Waits, Inc. performs construction staking on a new precast bridge for the City of Hattiesburg.  As evidenced by the rotting piling, this bridge was well beyond the design life and replacement was necessary to provide a safe route.


SDW proudly supports the University of Southern Mississippi.

Good Luck this Weekend.

Go Eagles!!

Soilders at Camp Shelby get update Firing Range

Shows, Dearman & Waits, Inc continues to aid the Mississippi Military Department with the design and construction engineering services of firing ranges at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center located near Hattiesburg, MS.  The most recent project is the renovation of Range 41.  This range was constructed many years ago and the current project will provide updated berms, bunkers, electrical and communications systems to allow troops to train for combat situations.  The photograph reflects a concrete storage facility under construction designed to withstand artillery rounds while protecting targetry devices.

On the Road to Recovery

SDW would like to congratulate Kyle on the success of his recent back surgery. Many of the SDW staff members were on hand to help Kyle celebrate with the largest Hersey Bar any of them have every seen.  Some would say that chocolate is an obsession of Kyle’s.  As everyone enjoyed a piece of this chocolate delight, the staff encourage Kyle on his continued recovery.

Ready! Set! GO!

Team Building is something any business should do.  The latest Team Building exercise at SDW is dodge-ball.  In the latest community involvement effort by the City of Hattiesburg, the Parks and Recreation Department has created an over 18, co-ed, adult Dodge-ball League. The SDW crew has joined the ranks as the Sphere Dodging Wizards.  What a great way to get together, have fun and have a chance to hit your cross town rivals with a ball.








Team Members

John “Pretty Boy” Weeks

JB “Gorilla” Cirino

Ivy “Braids” Riley

Hanna “Little Bit” Thompson

Head Coach

Brie “Barbie” Harper

Terry “TJ” Jackson

Lou “Squirrel” Thomas

Kyle “Old Man” Wallace

New Hangar at Waynesboro Municipal Airport

The City of Waynesboro in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Mississippi Department of Transportation are constructing an new 80 foot x 100 foot aircraft hangar at the Waynesboro Municipal Airport.  SDW provided the engineering services for this endeavor which will provide additional storage space for based aircraft.

US49 North Water Line is Progressing

The City of Hattiesburg continues with progress of installation of fire hydrants along US Highway 49 North to serve this commercial corridor of the City.  At the request of the City of Hattiesburg, the fire hydrants are produced in yellow from the factory in order to save money for the fire department who usually paints them yellow after installation.

Tank Washing at PIB

SDW continues to help our clients even with small projects with a big impact.  The Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport located in southeast Mississippi has a pedestal elevated storage tank that provides domestic and fire protection water to the airport and the industrial park.  A thorough interior washing meets the MS Dept of Health recommendations for water quality and an exterior wash provides a positive image for the facility.

Wallace named as ACEC-MS Board Member

SDW Vice President Kyle Wallace has been named as a 2017-2018 American Council of Engineering Companies of Mississippi board member. Kyle will join nine other engineers from across the state as part of the board for this term. Congratulations Kyle!

The announcement was posted in the Mississippi Business Journal in September 2017.

The District at Midtown – Construction Begins

SDW Engineers was a key consultant in the development of the District at Midtown. Over 12 months of design preparation has finally culminated with the start of construction.  With over $3 million in private site development and over $1 million in city infrastructure improvements, this project represents a huge investment in the City of Hattiesburg. Construction will also include a 100 room, 5 story Indigo Hotel and 4 retail and restaurant buildings.

As construction continues into late summer, much of the city storm drainage and sanitary sewer improvements are nearing completion along Chevy Chase Drive and South 30th Avenue.  Construction will then move to South 31st Avenue.  Also moving along is the building construction.  The 2 new buildings along the West side of South 31st Avenue are moving along at rapid pace with foundations, steal structures and roofs nearing completion.  On the East side of South 31st Avenue, the new retaining wall along Hardy Street is about half way completed and the hotel construction starting to tower over the site.

Airport Layout Plans are a Specialty

Shows, Dearman & Waits, Inc is in the final stages of updating the Airport Layout Plans (ALP) for the Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport (PIB), Waynesboro Municipal Airport (2R0) and Hesler-Noble Field in Laurel (LUL).  These highly specialized surveying and drafting projects outline the expertise of the staff at SDW.  By updating this information for these Mississippi airports, SDW ensures the facilities meet all Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

Drafting Position Available

SDW has an immediate need for a motivated person to fill an entry level drafting position.

TYPE:  Full-Time entry AutoCAD Technician

SALARY:  Commensurate with experience and education

BENEFITS:  401K, Medical Insurance, Paid Holidays, Vacation and Sick Leave

JOB DESCRIPTION:  We are currently seeking an AutoCAD technician to join our team to perform various design related tasks.  The successful candidate will have measured aspirations to manage various projects from concept to completion while focusing on the betterment of the community in which we live.  The successful candidate will be responsible for using field crew data to create drawings using AutoCAD C3D 2016 (or later) software including: sorting points using point groups; creating terrain surfaces using field data; drawing existing features using field data, pictures and notes; supporting the project engineers and team members to ensure projects are technically sound; ensuring the quality of work remains paramount in the project while delivering on time and within the project budget to the satisfaction of the client.  Other job duties will include making copies, scanning, filing and typing in addition to courthouse research and related errands.

JOB REQUIREMENTS:  High School Graduate or equivalent GED with a minimum of two years of college in drafting, engineering, or a related field.  Associates degree or bachelors degree preferred.  Must be detail oriented, neat and organized.  Must have the ability to work well on a team and complete tasks with technical proficiency and competence.  Must be familiar in AutoCAD C3D 2016 (or later), MS Windows, MS Office Suite: Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Range 18 Complete – Camp Shelby, MS

Shows, Dearman & Waits, Inc recently completed design and construction phase services for the Mississippi Military Department on the Modernization and Repair of Range 18 at Camp Shelby.  The 1.5 million dollar improvement to the existing range consisted of installation of new SAT’s, SIT’s, a new wall for the MAT, AAR Building and Misfire Pit.  Also included in the project was the upgrades of the communication and power to a hard wired system for control of the targetry.  These improvements were constructed by B.W. Sullivan Contractor of Hattiesburg to aid in the mission to train and equip our troops

Bennie Sellers Receives Award

Bennie J. Sellers, P.E., P.S. was recently recognized for his service to the engineering and surveying profession as a former board member of the Mississippi State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.  As a token of appreciation, Board member Rick Turner presented Mr. Sellers with a gift box with the with his service dates of June 22, 2010 through August 3, 2016.

Hiwannee Water Well

Shows, Dearman & Waits, Inc starts construction for Hiwannee Water Association located in Wayne County, Mississippi with Griner Drilling Service.  The 3,000 foot well will provide a secondary water source for customers located on the west side of the Chickasawhay River.

Mississippi Municipal League Conference 2016

SDW recently participated in the Mississippi Municipal League 85th Annual Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi.  As an exhibitor, SDW was please to visit with MML Past President Mayor V.O. Smith of Collins, Mississippi who is currently one of the longest serving Mayors in the United States.