Achievement Unlocked

Weston Locastro graduated from Mississippi College in 2016 and the University of Mississippi in 2018. It was in 2018 that Mr. Locastro came to SDW as a Graduate Engineer and has since assisted on many SDW projects as an Engineer Intern. In September 2022, Weston passed his P.E. exam to join the ranks of Professional Engineers at Shows, Dearman & Waits!

A very proud SDW Family celebrated Weston’s achievement with cannolis and cake, and an additional “Toot your own Cream Horn” for the newly minted P.E.

Enjoy your success, Weston!

Weston got to enjoy some cannolis from Jody’s Bakery and a strawberry cake from Shady Acres to celebrate his achievement.
We cannoli imagine how bright his future will be.